You have probably heard of Julius Yego, or β€œthe YouTube-Man.” Africa’s most successful javelin thrower and an athletic icon here in Kenya. Kenyans are well known for long-distance running, however, Mr. Yego is a unique athlete as he is a record-breaking field athlete. In school, Julius would run 10,000 meters or play football. Despi

Ochola has just began working and he is struggling to make his entry level salary last until the end of the month. Having just started working, he believes that he should invest his money in a number of different ventures. At the same time, he also wants to enjoy life. Ochola therefore spends much of […]

Public speaking is a major challenge and burden that creates a lot stress for Natela Wasike. Natela is a friendly girl who is quite comfortable interacting with different pressures through her work and social networks. She is very conscientious and organized. Natela does not like to have things put in the wrong places at the […]

Nyaguthii has struggled to engage meaningfully in any activities for school or pleasure over the last month. She used to be a highly energetic person, always looking to meet with her friends and extremely gregarious. Similarly, in school, she was always the first person in the class, full of brightness and energy. She would always [&helli